Scots have been warned that power cuts could impact parts of Scotland amid a major strain on the UK's power infrastructure.

A nationwide power shortage could happen tonight (November 22) as the National Grid warns households across the UK about their power usage.

This could see thousands of homes thrown into darkness as the nation faces a power shortage.

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When are power cuts likely to occur?

In a report from The Sun, it is said that the UK's power supply might struggle to keep up with demand at peak times from 7 pm onwards.

This means that some homes could face power cuts and be left without basic appliances and necessities.

Previously, the National Grid had planned to pay some households to reduce their power consumption from 5:30 pm today in an attempt to trial its Demand Flexibility Scheme.

With the winter months creeping in and temperatures dropping, many are concerned about the prospect of power cuts in the coming weeks.

Regarding the potential cuts, the National Grid website said: "The notices are intended to be a signal that the risk of a System Stress Event in the GB electricity network is higher than under normal circumstances."

However, despite the increased chances of a power cut, the energy market experts over at Enappsys said the grid would use "interconnector trading" allowing it to increase energy supplies rapidly.

The National Grid previously said that it was confident that its reserves would be enough but despite this, energy supplies were low enough to trigger the alert for 7 pm tonight.