ARDOSSAN Accies U15s are a youth rugby team who aim to improve their skills through games and training with a focus on having fun at all times.

Even on the wettest night, training is still designed with enjoyment as the number one priority.

Although based in Ardrossan they draw their players from Kilwinning all the way up the coast to Largs and some even travel across from Arran.

The season began on a sunny Sunday afternoon before the schools went back with nine players taking part in a skills and fitness session to try and get rid of the rustiness that creeps in over the long summer break.

As the weeks went on, they moved from covering the basic skills that the team had been working on the previous season to learning new skills and techniques to grow the boys’ “rugby toolbox”.

The hope is that by providing the team with a wide range of skills they can then make their own decisions on the pitch and learn from both the decisions that work and those that don’t.

Straight from the first league game, this approach seemed to be paying dividends as the boys approached each game with a big smile on their face and with no fear of experimenting with different skills on the pitch.

At this point of the season the only stumbling block for the team seemed to be the number of players in the team. The lowest point occurred when only eight players from a squad of 13 were available for a match and while a good game was played it was completely different to the normal 15-a-side rugby which we’re used to seeing.

However, from that moment on the numbers increased, with old players returning and some new players joining the squad the team swelled to 16 players. This growth came to a head in the penultimate game of the league season as the boys managed to play their first 15-a-side fixture of the year against a very strong opposition.

This game produced by far their best performance of the season as the boys combined the off-the-cuff style of attacking rugby they love to play with some of the structure that they had been working on at training. This combination, along with some silky individual skills, earned the squad more than a couple of comparisons to the Scotland team who lined up in the Autumn internationals.

A special mention goes to all the parent helpers as the squad would be unable to function without their generosity.

With parents providing the after-match catering, transporting the squad to and from games and running all of our fundraising efforts they help make the squad what it is. Thanks also has to go to Neil Rodgers of ADNR for his sponsorship which allowed the squad to secure brand new playing strips.

Now league business is concluded, the squad aim to continue to expand their rugby knowledge and individual skill sets for the cup competition that begins in February.

They are also looking further ahead to the end-of-season tour to north Wales planned for the Easter holidays which will be a great weekend of rugby, team-building and good laughs. We also want to continue to grow our squad with players of any size, experience or skill level. It doesn’t matter if you have never touched a rugby ball or just want to get back into the sport you are welcome to come along to Ardrossan Accies RFC.

For more details check out the website or contact coach Scott Campbell on 07904 604333.