ARDROSSAN Accies Minis and Micros saw of their season in style with the presentation of medals to the entire playing squad on June 17.

It was a wonderful sight as players, parents and family members gathered around the coaching team for an end of season report, thanks and presentation.

In addition to the medals there were prizes for:

P4 Player of the Year - Logan Murray

P4 Sportsman of the Year - Rory Smith

P5 Player of the Year - Calum Monaghan

P5 Sportsman of the Year - Logan O’ Moore

P6 Player of the Year - Tom Monaghan

P6 Sportsman of the Year- Jack Coutts

P7 Player of the Year: Daniel Christie

P7 Sportsman of the Year: Calum Sweenie

An additional prize for outstanding services to the Accies Minis and Micros over many years went to Evie Taylor.

The players, parents, coaches and club can’t wait to move into the 2018/19 season and pick up where they left off – in great form on and off the pitch. New players from as young as four-yeas-old to those in P7 are always welcome.

With Ardrossan, Auchenharvie and Largs Academies all hosting schools of rugby there’s never been a better time to get the kids into the sport.