ARDROSSAN Accies Minis and Micros hosted their oldest Ayrshire rivals – Cumnock RFC - on Sunday at a packed Memorial Field.

With both clubs thriving on healthy player numbers, there were well matched teams across the age groups from the tiniest players in P1 to “veterans” in P7.

Both clubs had a hearty, vocal support to elevate the encounter into the usual intense clash seen between the two outfits over the last six years.

The Micros took on the visitors in three mini games. The youngsters managed a win, draw and a narrow loss in a fun encounter, full of enthusiastic running. With each game played and training session attended the players demonstrated their ability to learn and apply new skills. The stars of the day were the Ruan Gossman thanks to his eye for the try-line, Lucas Thomson for his all-round athletic ability and young Rocco Frew, who notched his first try for the Accies.

P4 split into Accies Blue and Accies Yellow. Both teams played Cumnock and then entered into an Ardrossan v Ardrossan match to finish. Team Blue beat their guest by a single try after putting on a first-class performance typified by the star of the day Nathan Guffie, who really impressed the coaches. Team yellow lost by a few tries, but like their Ardrossan comrades, put in another improved performance going forward. The star man was Alex Hughes, a player really starting to enjoy the big surges into the opposition.

P5 played four short games, coming maddeningly close to victory in three of them. Unfortunately, their defensive effort did not match their attacking ability, with youngsters unable to stem the tide of red and black jerseys heading their way. Star players for the four games were the sharp attacking Harrison Watt, the classy Harry Dixon, Max Walton - the persistent thorn in the oppositions side and the one player who showed no signs of shirking his defensive duties – Callan Tyler.

P6 played two games against the East Ayrshire visitors, losing the first due to a lack of intensity at the tackle are and breakdown. However, if there was one player who bucked that trend it was star Logan O’Moore, a player not afraid to consistently do the tough, unseen graft that the game of rugby so often demands. The second game however, was a different affair, with the Accies finding their groove and winning convincingly.

Neil Mulholland had another fine performance, adding in sharp attack to his even sharper defensive powers.

P7 played three 15-minute games against a well-coached, classy Cumnock team. They narrowly lost the first, just won the second, but ultimately lost the third encounter, allowing the honours to go to their guests. The tackling was at times flaky, but otherwise the Accies ran, rucked and kicked well all day long. Stars of the day were the imperious Ronnie Robertson, who looked like an international player in the making, Jack Coutts with his vice-like grip in the tackles and Lachlan Davis who’s hunger and athleticism were inspirational.

The youngsters are looking forward to the short trip to Garnock RFC this weekend.