NAAC Seniors have had a very busy 2018 and one which they are very proud of. It has seen their members take on new challenges, step outside of their comfort zones and travel near and far to compete in a diverse range of races.

From Hill and trail, to track and road NAAC have been represented in them all this year.

Beginning in January, where Angela Reid kickstarted her successful year taking 2nd Lady in the Hardmoors 30 Ultra in Whitby on New Years Day. She continued to take on a number of tough challenges in the Ultra scene and finished top of the Ladies table for completing the Triple Crown consisting of The Fling (53miles) the West Highland Way (96miles) and the Deviln challenged himself by taking the Highlands (43miles and 2 nd V-40). Her

largest mileage in one event goes to Glenmore 24 where she ran 106.5 miles in 24 hours. She also took 1st lady in Ochil Ultra (50 miles), Dunoon Ultra (34miles) and Hell ‘n Back (12k) over three consecutive weeks. Angela was presented with the Senior Female Athlete of the Year Award.

Alasdair McCallum was also quick to start the year - finishing first V-50 in High Fells of Hedgehope Half Marathon in January.

His year was spent out on the hills with a very successful Highlander Mountain Marathon with his companion Tommy Begley finishing seeded second in their class. There was more to come with the Coledale Horseshoe Fell Race and the West Highland Way Race. Alasdair has represented the club in several other events on the calendar including the cross country team races.

Fiona Comrie, another avid hill runner for the club, was part of a group who ventured South for the 3 Peaks Challenge in the Yorkshire Dale’s. Twenty-four miles and 5300ft of climbing it’s no surprise that its known as the ‘marathon with mountains'. 2018 was the first time that NAAC hill runners had

competed and they finished impressively with Gareth Brown first home for the club (4:29), Alasdair McCallum (4:44), Fiona (4:48), John Leitch (4:54) and Duncan Bruce (5:38). All agreed it was one of their toughest days yet on the hills. Fiona and Alasdair were also the only two to tackle the race to the summit of Ben Nevis in September. The race starts and finishes with a mile of undulating country road before following the tourist path to halfway with a steep scramble of path up rocky scree to the summit. Alasdair, slightly under the weather finished in 2:38 while Fiona was delighted to knock 7 mins off her previous time with a result of 2:29. Finishing the race calendar for long hills she teamed up yet again with Alasdair and John in tackling the Pentland Skyline race in October, 17 miles, 6200ft and 16 summits over boggy rough ground. John was first back for the club (3:42) then Fiona (3:50) and Alasdair (3:59).

Moving away from the hills and on to the roads, Ian McIlwraith has had a superb year seeing many Personal Bests along the way and finishing first for the club at most of his events. Ian started his year off with some trail at the Devilla Forest Trail Race but quickly moved back to the road for Ormidale 10k on Arran (1st V-40 and 1st team alongside John Leitch and Stephen Nisbet), Troon and Dundonald 10k (first back for club) and a PB for 10k distance at Marymass in a time of 38:38. He also achieved another PB at marathon distance back in June when he completed a hilly Strathearn marathon in 3:14:21. Ian stepped outside his comfort zone and competed in the 1500m track event with an impressive time of 5:02.

Stephen Nisbet participated in a number of track events for the club over the year, earning him the 2018 club award for Track and Field He was ranked second in Scotland for his Indoors Age Group. Over the year Stephen (Nizzy) has competed in a number of road races including Dundonald 10k and Ormidale 10k but he can very often be found wading through mud and water as he also competes at a high level in OCR events such as McTuff.

Many others in the club have competed individually or as part of a team throughout the year. Gareth Brown took on the West Highland Way race in June and has been involved in several of the hill races throughout the year. Mark Preston competed and volunteered throughout

the season which earned him Senior Athlete of the Year.

Ian Rutherford has represented NAAC Seniors across Europe in a number of road race events raising money for charity along the way.

The club were represented with three teams at River Ayr Way 40 miles Ultra with the ladies taking First team in their category (Suzanne Dickson, Debbie Neal and Angela Reid) There was also a First Ladies Team at the Ayrshire Cross Country event.