NORTH Ayrshire Sabres U10s travelled to Kirkcaldy for their first games of the new year.

Their player, Brad Ruxton was kind enough to volunteer to booster Aberdeen’s team as they were short of bodies, showing great sportsmanship and allowing all the kids to get to play. It was a strong team effort from the kids, with the younger players getting plenty of ice time, as some of the older kids were playing with the Penguins (U12’s) in Stevenston. Some great goals came from across the team with Leighton Murray, Joseph Cochrane, Lawson Kennedy, Liam Wedegren and Cooper Whyte finding the back of the net.

North Ayrshire Penguins v Dundee Stars U12’s

Penguins welcomed Dundee Stars to Harvies Ice Rink on Saturday.

With both teams unbeaten before this fixture, Penguins knew they were up against top opposition. Dundee took the lead. Penguins didn’t respond too well to going behind and took some silly penalties, leaving them short a player on the ice, to which Dundee too full advantage and increased their lead to 2-0. Penguins weren’t for giving up with Rocco Murray, Lennon Deeney and Olly Turner all coming close but they found the Dundee goalie on top form, meaning this period finished 2-0 to Dundee . The second period started with Dundee increasing their lead with their third goal. Lennon Deeney gave the Penguins some hope with a great shot from the rightwing that found its way into the Dundee net. This gave the Penguins a much needed lift and they had some more great chances. The third period saw Penguins receive more penalties and Dundee took advantage and increased their lead to 4-1 meaning Penguins lost their first game of the season. Man of the Match: Caiden MacColl , Scorer: Lennon Deeney.

North Ayrshire Devils U20s 5 Dundee Stars 4 Dundee Stars U20’s

Scottish Cup - Auchenharvie Ice Rink

With both teams almost level at the top of the table this tie had the makings of a classic. The Devils came out the traps running, but the breakthrough wouldn’t come until 14 minutes via a power play goal by Jamie Miller assisted by Kyle Forsyth and Jamie Sturrock. The Stars then drew level in the closing minute of the period. Halfway through the period when a second goal for Jamie Miller would put the Devils in the lead. The Devils then added another before the end of the period through Matthew Miller. Stars scored two goals in quick succession before taking the lead in 52 minutes. With only eight minutes left, the Devils coach called for a time out. After which, the Devils stepped up their game looking for the equalising goals. This came in 57 minutes. With 55 seconds left, Jamie Sturrock netted to seal the win, with assists going to Jamie Miller and Haydn Woods.