SALTCOATS Victoria hope their investment into improving Campbell Park brings a more modern feel to the club.

While football has been in cold storage during the coronavirus pandemic, the North Ayrshire side have been working hard on improving their renowned home ground.

With new dressing rooms, toilets and hospitality facilities under construction, Vics, who will play in the West of Scotland Football League Conference A this season, are eager to get the job done for all connected with the club to enjoy.

Gaffer Iain McMillan admits the developments at Campbell Park were much needed.

He said: “The work’s coming along okay – there’s been a few small hiccups as there always is in terms of getting the units in place and what not.

“The plans weren’t going to happen overnight but all the units are in place now and it’s just a matter of working through them and getting them refurbished the way we want them and raising money to help us do that.

“There will be new dressing rooms, a new hospitality area and a snack bar so it’s exciting for Campbell Park.

“It will hopefully bring the ground into a more modern state – it’s been neglected for a while.

“So it will be good to have better facilities available for people watching and for the players.”

McMillan is also keen for the WoSFL to unveil an official start date for the new season and release fixture dates.

McMillan added: “It’s a tricky one but the date we really need to find out is when we’re going to be starting the season.

“The last thing we want to do is bring the boys in too early before we can play games and then pre-season seems to last for too long.

“Everybody is desperate to get back, including us, but doing a pre-season that lasts too long can have a bad effect on the players – as well as doing a pre-season that’s too short.

“We’re after a bit of clarity as to when the season will officially start.

“Once you’ve got that pencilled in you can then judge when to get the boys in.”