WINTON Rovers boss Stevie Wilson insists more needs to be done to consider the mental health of players and staff while getting football back up and running after the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of protocols are in place for football clubs to follow up and down the leagues in Scotland.

These include players having to come dressed in their kit to training and not being able to use facilities such as changing rooms or showers after a session.

And Wilson has told the Herald this is posing threats to players’ mental health and it is making it harder to build a solid team spirit.

He said: “We need to get back to some kind of normality now – it’s affecting mental health so much. Players aren’t allowed to use the changing rooms or get showers together.

“But that’s where teams are built. They can train all night but that half an hour before training to allow them to have a laugh and carry on isn’t there right now and it just makes planning and building a team more difficult.

“Team spirit is found through those activities, so I’m hopeful we can get that back as soon as possible.”

With regards to how non-contact training was, Wilson added: “The small group stuff, there’s only so much you can do. It doesn’t work. The boys are bored.

“After about half an hour they’re asking what’s next and the motivation is low amongst them but also us as coaches.

“A lot of it is just simply going through the motions."