STEVIE WILSON is urging the rest of Scottish football to put last week’s training halt setbacks behind them.

The Ardrossan Winton Rovers boss wants to get the real football back sooner rather than later, starting with the resumption of full contact training this week.

Wilson has voiced concerns of mental health aspects surrounding the pausing of football training at West of Scotland Football League level.

And he admits he’s eager for individuals and clubs in Scotland to learn from their mistakes.

He told the Herald: “We’d come in and done a couple of sessions. It was the first week of August we came in so it was only a few we’d got in before the halt was introduced and put a spanner in the works.

“It’s been difficult, more mentally now for the players. As footballers, managers and clubs you need a start date to aim for.

“It’s been quite stop-start, we’ve obviously had to train in smaller groups and keep our distance.

“It’s been frustrating to hear that some other teams haven’t been following the guidelines. “It makes you question if we’re doing the right things and if it’s worth continuing.

“Getting the call was tough but with COVID cases going up it just shows things can change day-by-day.

“Hopefully the SFA give us the go-ahead and we can get straight into contact training because what we were doing was not the same and if I’m honest we were just going through the motions.

“It would be nice to put this stuff behind us to try and looking at things with a common sense approach. There’s rule breaks every day when you’re out in the public.

“With the Aberdeen situation, I think football bosses knew it was major, but when the news about the Celtic player was released it was a real blow. I think they’re looking on it as if they can’t get it right at the top level, what chance has any other level got?

“At our club, the committee have been very much all for sticking to the rules and nothing has been broken. We don’t want to risk it.

“I feel if there’s another major incident at senior level then it will put a dampener on when our game comes back.”