Saltcoats Victoria have withdrawn from this season’s West of Scotland Football League (WoSFL) due to concerns relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Seasiders had initially planned to go ahead with the big kick-off but decided to pull out a day before the deadline.

A statement from the club’s committee said: “The health and safety of players, officials, fans and visiting teams, restrictions of facilities and the continued closed door matches, together with the consequent lack of financial income have informed our decision.”

Vics are one of eight sides including Ardrossan Winton Rovers who have withdrawn from this season’s WoSFL conferences which will start this weekend.

However, both Vics and Winton have vowed to return next season.

Vics boss Iain McMillan told the Herald: “Initially, we voted to delay the season and we thought that was the sensible thing to do but the vote never went that way.

“We then spoke to the players and at that point everyone was prepared to give it a go and start the league but that was before we realised it would be an uncompetitive league.

“Once the players, committee, and myself realised there was no promotion we had a meeting and decided the best thing to do was to withdraw this season.

“On a purely football basis we are all disappointed but you cannot just look at it from that aspect and there are just so many things that swayed our decision.

“The most important thing is the health of everyone at the club. We had already had two players test positive for coronavirus so you have to consider their safety and that of the committee and management.

“With no dressing rooms, asking players to get changed outside is not practical. They will be soaking and freezing and that’s a concern in itself and you also have the financial impact without any fans.”

He added: “I must credit the players as their attitude throughout all of the uncertainty has been fantastic. To our small band of loyal fans thanks for standing by us and we have made this decision in the best interest of the club. Hopefully we will see you back at Campbell Park sooner rather than later.”