Scotland youngster Billy Gilmour has ranked the greatest things to come out of Scotland - from Gordon Ramsey to Irn Bru to his beloved Rangers.

The former Ibrox midfielder appeared on UMM's YouTube channel where he decided on Scotland's tier list with Harry Pinero.

It may come as a surprise to some that Rangers were not in Gilmour's 'Greatest Of All Time' tier, but they did make 'World Class'.

The kilt came out as the best thing to come out of Scotland in Gilmour's opinion with Irn Bru, the Tunnocks tea cake and Scottish Twitter close seconds.

On his decision, Gilmour said: "It was a tough decision. It was between the kilt and Rangers, but the kilt does it for me.

"Rangers are obviously a massive club, everyone knows about them, but not many people know the tradition of the kilt.

"So that is why I am saying it is the GOAT. When you come to Scotland and you say he is wearing a skirt - it's not a skirt mate it's a kilt."