Ardrossan Accies Rugby Club president Peter Gossman says he hopes the club can get back to playing rugby again after seeing the last two seasons declared null and void.

Accies were a good way through their Scottish National League Division Three campaign when the first lockdown occurred with the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) giving clubs several choices on how to conclude the season.

The majority of clubs voted to null and void the season and return to playing in September 2020, however due to another wave of COVID-19 the new season was null and voided again.

The SRU have now been in contact with clubs again to arrange plans for the 2021/22 season which is due to kick off in September.

The option for clubs is either a full competitive season with the cup competitions at the back end of it or just playing friendlies for the year, with no promotion or relegation.

Speaking to the Herald, Gossman said: “I think to be honest it would be best if we go back to the competitive season, as it gets everyone up for it again.

“Playing friendlies, the impetus is not always there I would say.”

Despite not playing in over in a year, it does not mean there has been nothing happening at the club with a change in management last year.

Coach Rory Couper decided to leave the club after over six years in charge of the Accies leaving them searching for a replacement.

Mark Senter took his post, with Gossman saying the players responded well to the few sessions the new coach has run so far.

“Rory, our coach who had been with us for over six years, decided he wanted to take a step back from coaching, which was disappointing for us. He did a great job for us over the years, the players really enjoyed his training techniques and he played a good brand of rugby.

“We then went about trying to get another coach, with the pretence of not really knowing what was going to happen with the 2020/21 season.

“Despite it not going ahead, Mark is going to stay on for this season as from the limited sessions he did run last year the players bought into it well and were keen to continue working with him.”