NORTH Ayrshire Table Tennis Club (NATTC) played their opening match of the British Premier League on Saturday, in a match that went right down to the last set.

NATTC start the season looking to kick on from their record breaking second place finish last time out.

They hosted Brighton in their first match at St Matthew’s Academy, with the away side weakened by the loss of paralympic star Will Bayley.

Though the home side still faced a tough battle against two top English players and Jersey Commonwealth Games star Jordan Wykes.

The format would see each player playing two singles matches, and one doubles match played.

It was a hard start for NATTC with Colin Dalgleish and Chris Main both losing their opening matches, 3-1 and 3-0 respectively.

Then in a vital doubles match Colin again and Martin Johnson put on a superb display to win 3-0.

Brighton then moved one match away from overall victory when Colin Dalgleish lost his final singles match.

But Martin Johnson and Chris Main both claimed victories, meaning Martin’s last singles match was a winner takes all.

In a best of five sets match, Martin came from 2-1 down to win the last two sets, earning NATTC the 4-3 win overall, and sending the large crowd into a frenzy.