A WEST of Scotland Football League manager has blasted proposals which he said will see “200 clubs” relegated.

Darvel manager Michael Kennedy took his disgust to social media after plans detailing a new ‘conference’ league in the SPFL set-up were reported by the press.

These proposals discussed the creation of a new fifth tier of Scottish football - below League Two and above the Lowland and Highland Leagues.

Under the proposals, four Premiership Colts (youth) sides would join six clubs from the Highland and Lowland Leagues to form the 10-team league.

Funded by the participating top flight clubs, the ‘conference’ would be established as a separate company from the SPFL, however, promotion and relegation to and from the SPFL would still take place.

Although, as this would be a separate entity from the SPFL, no formal vote would be required to pass the proposed new division.

The Colt teams of Hearts, Rangers and Celtic already compete in the Lowland League on a ‘temporary’ basis, though this new league would see a permanent place in the set up for colt sides.

It is hoped by competing at this level, youth players will make greater progress and boost the standard of our national team, as is seen in numerous other European countries.

Kennedy, who guided tier six Darvel to victory over Premiership Aberdeen and whose Colt side could enter this league two tiers above Darvel, strongly opposes the plans.

He says it would essentially “relegate over 200 clubs” as this new tier five would make the current tier five move down to tier six, and so on, down the pyramid.

Kennedy commented on Twitter: “Only in Scotland would league reconstruction to progress our game relegate over 200 clubs, anyone who supports this should be ashamed.

“There a reason the new conference requires no voting power, because the already know it’s wrong on so many levels.”

Many involved in the lower tiers of Scottish football have already slammed decision due to the lack of promotion opportunities.

They argue that the standard is high, as has been shown with Scottish Cup results, and that promotion needs opened up - not made more challenging.