KILBIRNIE Ladeside manager Colin Spence says "anything is possible" for his side after they continued their impressive turnaround in form.

The Blasties made it six games unbeaten on Saturday with a stunning 5-0 victory away to promotion-chasing Rutherglen Glencairn.

The victory saw the Valefield Park men continue their rise up the West of Scotland Football League Division One - after a dismal run at the beginning of the season which saw Spence's side go winless in their first six matches.

Their recent resurgence has taken them well clear of the relegation zone and into the chasing pack of teams in the middle of a tightly-packed league table.

“We had a terrible start," Spence admitted. "We know that. But I’ve never doubted the boys for one minute.

“They’ve always come into training and picked themselves up. Even after a bad spell they kept training hard and battled through.

“We’ve managed to turn things around lately. We’re on a good run and we're one of the in-form teams in the league just now, we’ve got a bit of momentum behind us.”

And Spence says it is little surprise that things are beginning to come together, with his squad now in a far better place than they were at the beginning of the league campaign.

He told the Herald: “What we didn’t have earlier in the season was a settled team or a settled squad.

"With injuries and suspensions it was a bit of a revolving door with people coming and people going.

“It was a lot of upheaval until we sorted the squad out but I feel like we’ve done that now and all of a sudden we are reaping the rewards from doing the hard work early in the season.

“Having that settled squad now, you can tell the harmony of the squad is really good it looks like it’s a right tight-knit changing room now which isn’t easy.

“There has been a big turnover of players at Kilbirnie over the last three or four years, even before we came in and we turned the players over again this year.

“That’s never great. I’m big on continuity. I feel like now we have a settled squad and I’m certainly hoping to keep this squad together next year and maybe add the four or five players we need to add to take us to the next level.”

But that doesn't mean Spence isn't hoping his team can still do something special this season.

"For me it’s not about setting targets," he said. "This season was always about consolidating – if we could get promotion that would be brilliant.

“Unfortunately for a large chunk of the season we were down the wrong end of the table and you could sense a bit of panic creeping in about the club.

“It’s a crazy league. When I signed for Irvine Meadow, they were third bottom of the First Division – the first time I had ever been in that league – and we managed to go on an unbelievable run and creep into the play-offs.

“Anything is possible. It’s a tougher league now than it was then. I believe from the top team to the bottom team anyone can beat anyone."

Spence acknowledged that Ladeside may not exactly be favourites to go up, but in such a rollercoaster division, if their good run is maintained, they may have as good a chance as anyone.

He commented: “Looking at the league is impossible now to figure out what will happen. The teams around promotion will drop a lot of points.

“I looked at the league last season and I think Gartcairn went up winning 19 games – I don’t think anyone in our league will win 19 games this season.

“The points tally from this season to last season isn’t going to be as high to get promotion – you are a better man than me if you can predict who will go up.

“If we were to win our games we would be in that cluster of teams (at the top of the table) but I honestly feel all that we can do is play one game at a time and see where it takes us.

“If we’ve done enough in the game and we win the three points we’ve earned the right to go look at the table and see if we’ve closed the gap."