It was December 2021 when Christopher Guest More Jnr, who once was one of Europe's most wanted men, was found guilty of murdering Brian Waters.

He was convicted by a jury at Chester Crown Court following a month-long retrial for the murder and torturing of the father of two in 2003.

Mr. Waters was whipped with canes, hung upside down by his ankles, and beaten using a metal bar. He was also tied to a chair, and a binbag was set alight above his head, causing the melting plastic to drip down onto him.

His children were also attacked when they arrived at the farm, and his wife was kidnapped from their family home in Nantwich.

When police arrived at Burnt House Farm, they found Mr. Waters' lifeless body in the milking parlour; his assailants had fled.

These are the photographs taken by police at the scene of the murder.

Watch our short documentary, which delves into Guest More Jnr's harrowing tale—a man who managed to elude justice for an astounding 15 years.

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