DECKCHAIRS dedicated to Ardrossan and Saltcoats residents past and present have been unveiled on the South Beach.

The chairs each have a name of an Ardrossan resident who has contributed to the community and were revealed to the public in a ceremony on Sunday, August 28.

Organised by the Ardrossan Community Development Trust, residents were asked to nominate people they thought should receive a dedicated deckchair.

The deckchairs are now available to book

Christine Powell, secretary and chair of the Trust, said: “We were trying to bring things back that used to be at the beach but are now long gone and there always used to be deckchairs.

“The ceremony was very emotional. A good portion of the people who were nominated had passed away, so I asked their family and friends to bring a picture of them.

“Although it’s for Ardrossan it wasn’t just our residents who were there as we’re supporting Saltcoats Active Lifestyle Team who built the new playpark in Saltcoats.

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“One of their members was nominated for a chair.

“It brings the full of Ardrossan together, but it also brings communities from the neighbouring towns together.”

Communities came together at the launch event

Ardrossan Sports Hub helped contribute to the event by setting up sports activities such as netball and football for children.

Facepainting, a DJ, as well as tea and coffee were provided by the Whitlees Community Centre.

Currently, the Trust are working on building a crazy golf course and a café.

While the deckchairs are available for everyone the Trust encourages that they are booked in advance.

To book a deckchair, visit